Gambler who lost $950k fights casino entry ban to win it back

The Star casino is seeking to shut down a lawsuit by a banned gambler who lost $950,000 and wants a second chance to win the money back.

In the lawsuit, which The Star wants either dismissed or stayed, Kim Huyen Tran Nguyen has accused the casino of banning her and withdrawing her membership for no reason and making misleading statements to the police.

Ms Nguyen, 뉴헤븐카지노추천 who works as a beauty therapist in western , claims she received a verbal one-year ban without an end date in April 2021.

A gambler who has lost $950,000 at Sydney’s The Star casino is fighting what she says is an open-ended ban from the venue which is preventing her from winning her money back

The woman, from the western Sydney suburb of Fairfield East, says she accepted the ban without dispute at the time because of Covid-19 and family issues. 

Ms Nguyen launched the NSW Supreme Court lawsuit seeking to overturn the ban claiming it is also preventing her from starting a job as a travel host at the casino.

The Star’s lawyers are attempting to shut down the lawsuit by having it either dismissed or stayed

As well as wanting to return to the casino to recover $950,000 in losses, she allegedly had $2500 of credit left which was not fully refunded when stripped of her membership.

Ms Nguyen will oppose The Star’s bid to terminate her lawsuit, saying she wished the matter to go to a hearing with full evidence.

The Star is also seeking its legal costs of defending the case.

Beauty therapist Kim Huyen Tran Nguyen claims The Star ban is stopping her taking a job in the casino and is still owed $2500 in credit

The Star is also suing another gambler it claims owe them $12million from cashing in an allegedly dodgy cheque

It’s a busy time for 뉴헤븐카지노 the casino’s lawyers because they are also suing a high roller over $12million in allegedly unpaid debts. 

The Star claims that in July 2019 Jingang Hu withdrew $13.2million worth of Hong Kong dollars from a cashing facility based on a cheque that later bounced.

‘On 19 July 2019, the said cheque was not met on presentation upon deposit by [The Star] causing [The Star] to suffer loss,’ the casino wrote.

The Star claims Hu falsely said the cheque was valid and would be honoured.

While Hu partially repaid the funds, The Star alleges it is still owed $10.7million plus $1.3 million in interest.

The casino is also seeking its legal costs in the NSW Supreme Court lawsuit.

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